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Security Basic Report Writing


The best tool for any security guard professional is the ability to write a detailed report.  If done properly, a detailed report can give authorities, such as supervisors and law enforcement, a traceable accounts of events leading up to an incident.  All new and seasoned security guards should be able to  give information on their daily report and incident report to ensure their version is fresh.  As we all know, memory fades with time and details get fuzzy which makes it harder to write an accurate report.  This can put the employee, employer, and client in a tough situation.

Luckily, for security companies, there are many training materials and videos, that can assisting in showing new and current employees the importance of basic security report writing.  Check out this 15 minute video I posted below.  Host, Jason Smith from GuardTrak, illustrates why report writing is crucicle in Security and how it may be used to convict any criminals.  This video has alot information, you can pick and choose those procedures that will be beneficial for your organization.  But remember, training starts on day one and it is consistently reinforced along the way.

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