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Safety Tips For Powdered Cleansers


On, author Mickey Crowe dishes out some safety tips when using powdered cleansers on modern surfaces. These tips can be useful when converting from the old-fashioned, chemical based cleansers to a more environmentally safer products. They are as follows:

1.   Such products are not appropriate for day-to-day use due to the potential damage to the surfaces of counters and sinks. Old-fashioned porcelain toilets and urinals are becoming a thing of the past and care should be taken to verify what is the manufacturer’s recommendations before proceeding.

2.   A mild (with some suds) detergent/disinfectant is much more effective in day-to-day cleaning since it is designed to remove the soils without scratching the surface.

3. Although the damage may not be apparent at first, your workers can create fine scratches in the surface that eventually become visible.

4. In addition, the scratches can harbor germs and encourage bacterial growth that will make it even more difficult to clean and disinfect effectively.

5. Check with your distributor who may be able to recommend a seal/finish designed to restore and protect synthetic surfaces.

6. This could be an excellent opportunity for you to inventory all of the cleaning products that your staff uses and convert to greener, safer products.

7. Limit powdered cleansers, most acids and high pH (over 10.5) to specially trained workers who know how to use them safely as well as having the judgment as to when to use these products.–43140


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