Providing a clean and safe environment
for people to work and live in for 40 years.


Cleaning Recruitment

Thanks to our solid reputation and positive word of mouth from our employees, McGarr Service Corp. rarely needs to hunt for job applicants. They come to us, a vast number of applicants being friends and/or relatives of current McGarr Service employees. These applicants are attracted by the competitive salary and benefits we offer, the steady and reliable work schedule and the opportunities for advancement.

At McGarr Service Corp., rather than hire from the outside, we prefer to promote from within¡ªsomeone already familiar with our operation¡ªsomeone who has proven themselves with the company.

The vast number of applicants so far outweighs the number of jobs available that we need only hire the most qualified. All hiring is done on the basis of the application¡ªthe information and references on which are always verified¡ªand on at least one interview, and in some cases two. The interviewing process allows us to get to know the applicant and the applicant to get to know us.


Once a qualified applicant is hired and trained to be a quality employee, it is important to retain him or her. We do that by following through on the factors which drew these employees to McGarr Service Corp. in the first place:

We pay competitive wages for the work and provide an attractive benefits program.

We offer ample room for advancement and recognize employees for outstanding performance and loyalty.

We provide the most positive work environment possible, keeping the lines of communication open among all employees at all levels.


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Security Recruitment

The security of our clients’ property falls ultimately upon the employees we hire. From the guards themselves through the upper levels of management, McGarr Service recognizes the importance of finding, training, and retaining quality employees.

Applicants are required to go through extensive interviews and background record checks to insure that they are suited for security positions. Police record checks are completed on each applicant to the fullest extent authorized by recent legislation.

The personnel at our clients’ property are invited to participate in the selection process of interviewing security personnel prior to their assignment. Conversely, employees not performing to the levels expected will be removed immediately.


Qualified employees are retained by fulfilling the promises which drew them to McGarr Service in the first place: competitive wages and an attractive benefits program.

We also offer ample room for advancement, and recognize employees for outstanding performance and loyalty to the company.

We provide the most positive work environment possible and keep the lines of communication open among employees at all levels.

We have found that satisfied employees are the best advertising for new applicants.


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