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5 Things Floors Want You To Know About Mopping


Mopping…the simple household Saturday morning chore we have grown up seeing our mothers do, the l janitor afterschool, or the professional cleaners at the office. Not much thought goes into mopping. We just put a solution in the bucket, dunk the mop, wet the floor, rinse the mop, and dry the floor. Easy right? However, the floors don’t seem to think so. On, Tuway American Group, recently investigated floors from various industries to find out why it is difficult to clean and maintain them.

After Tuway has done some extensive digging, they found 5 key mopping tips that you should know:

  1. Choose the right mop for the job. With an assortment of mops to choose from, it is easy to pick the wrong one. It may be beneficial to consult a professional such as Tuway American Group who can assist in determining which mop is best for your floors. Check out:
  1. To clean a floor, use a wet mop. A wet mop will have most of the cleaning solutions to clean the floors. If you wring it out, most of it will go back into the bucket. Only use a damp mop for quick touch-ups and spills.
  1. Don’t use one mop for many areas. The best way to prevent cross-contamination on floors is to use one mop (or mop head) for each designated area. For example, use one mop for hallways, one for bathrooms. Change mops frequently and follow tip #4.
  1. Black water = dirty water. Once mop water goes dark, it has lost its cleaning power. Use a clean bucket with fresh solution to maximize its cleaning power on floors.
  1. For those hard to clean surfaces, you may need to use an agitator or a deck brush to add some muscle while scrubbing floors.–17619


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