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10 Reasons To Have Carpets Cleaned Year-Round


No matter what the weather looks like outside, it is good practice to maintain your indoor carpets. We can be fooled to think a carpet is clean if soil is not visible, but is it really?

On, they have an article that gives, “10 Reasons To Have Carpets Cleaned Year Round.” Here are the top 10 reasons why we should have clean carpets every day:

  1. It will extend a carpet’s life span. During the summer and winter months in high traffic areas, carpets are being hammered by all the things we drag on our heels. To keep carpets looking their best, perform daily vacuuming and monthly deep cleaning.
  2. Provide better air quality. As stated in #1, we drag a lot of “things” on our heels and none of them are good. Unknowingly, we transport elements from the outdoors in, which in turn can affect other people with sensitivity and allergies. They need to handle quickly in order not to spread to other location and affect people. So a clean carpet CAN improve indoor air!
  3.  Easy to maintain with repeated cleanings. Like Mom used to say, the more you repeat something the easier it gets. This saying holds true with routine cleaning of any fixed items such as floors, carpeting, furniture, and cabinetry where dirt can hide within the nooks and crannies.
  4.  Prevents bacteria and allergens from building up. Refer to #2 and #3!
  5.  Immediately clean up spots and stains. This one can be difficult to track since we are never present when spots/stains are form. Doesn’t it always seem like a mystery? However, if there is routine cleaning and inspection of the carpet, it can determine how “fresh” the stain and it should make it easier to remove and treat.
  6.  Boosts a room’s appearance. Ever walk into a beautifully adorned and everything seems to glow? From the skylight to the carpet, a cleaned interior is more welcoming and inviting
  7. Enhances employee morale. I don’t know about anyone else, but I really don’t like working in a dirty office environment.  It gives the impression that employers do not care about their employee’s well-being and can diminish productivity and company culture. Unless you worked in a naturally dirty job such as manufacturing, mining, or sanitation, then it will be completely acceptable.
  8.  Looks clean and fresh. That just sums it up!
  9.  Evicts the carpet critters that are unwelcomed. Well, this goes without saying. What critter is welcomed anywhere? Sadly, they are an unnecessary evil that we must contend with in order to coexist (on the same planet, but not living/working space). In order to keep little guys at bay, regular maintenance CANNOT be stressed enough!
  10.  Upkeeps the carpet’s assurance. A well maintained carpet can continue to look as pristine as the day it was first put down. Whether it is carpet in our homes, vehicles, or offices, a proficiently cleaned carpet can help us all breathe a little easier, help boost our morale, and improve our air quality.–15658


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